Is The City Life Not For You? Try Country Living In Brookmans Park


Maybe you should try living in a stunning, upcoming new development of houses for sale in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire. The development has been designed by amazing MH architects, they carefully thought out the layout and design of these homes to make them perfect for you.

Each of these homes has either 3 or four bedrooms, they also all have parking space and some have either a garage or car port. All of these homes are a detached, terrace or end of terrace homes. The homes are already fitted with certain appliances and styles for example the kitchen is a contemporary styled Watford kitchen. The home is also already provided with a full width mirror in the bath and many Bosch integrated appliances such as a washer, dryer, fridge and freezer as well as much more. The home is also fitted with an energy efficient central heating and hot water system.

brookmansparkThe area is definitely family friendly with its low crime rates; which mean you would be part of a safe, caring village community. There are 3 schools close by which are Chancellors, Dame Alice Owen and Brookmans Park Primary school; all of which are high rated schools. 92% of Dame Alice Owens Most recent Year 11 leavers got 5A*-C grades on their GCSEs. The local bus service provides transport for the pupils of these local schools.

For transport there is the local 610 bus service. There is also the Brookmans Park railway station a two minute walk away which provides direct journeys to places such as Kings Cross; this journey is roughly 28 minutes long.

houses-for-sale-brookmans-park There is plenty of things nearby for the family to do either together or by themselves such as going to the a library if you like to read in peace, 204 acres of park land if you want to have a picnic together or just want to walk the dog. There’s also Gobions wood great for those who love fishing, as it has its own licensed fishing pond. There are also some fantastic nature reserves and a private members golf club; as well as Brookmans Gastro pub if you want to go out for a nice meal with your family.  If you don’t fancy doing any of these then you can also get the train to Central London or Kings Cross, and find something there to do instead. Also nearby there’s shops if you need to get any food, there is a traditional butchers, fishmongers, bakery and a post office too.




Want to find the best quality hot tub?

Why not try Lay-Z-Spa they sell a wide range of inflatable hot tubs to fit you. Their ideal for parties, barbecues or if you just want to relax by yourself. It has the same features as our traditional hot tubs but for a more affordable price. Also their hot tubs are all already fitted with digital massage pumps and water filtration. You can also buy additional features such as head rests and booster seats specifically for inflatable hot tubs to make them best suited for all the family and more relaxing.

They do a range of hot tubs like the Vegas, Palm Springs, Miami and Hawaii hot tubs, as well as many more. The Miami is the smallest of these hot tubs it fits 6 people and can be placed indoors and outdoors as long as it’s on a flat surface. Its jets help to soothe aching joints.

Another one of the amazing hot tubs is the Monaco; this hot tub can fit 8 people with room left over. It has solid compact walls to ensure durability and it can be set up and filling up with water in 10 minutes, no tools are needed either.

inflatable layzspa hot tubThen there are the Vegas and the Paris, the Paris is an upgraded version of the Vegas. The Vegas is the best seller out of all the Lay-Z-Spa, it fits 4 people and is very easy to transport. It has Lay-Z-Spa massage jets and can be set up waiting to be filled with water in minutes. It comes with a cover and clips to keep debris out and the hot tub protected when its not in use. Whereas the Paris also has multi coloured LED lights which allow you to cycle through the 7 colours or automatically change the colours yourself, it also comes with a timer controlled heating system which allows you to plan the activation and deactivation of the pump. It fits 4 to 6 people and an 87 air jet massage system; plus it includes a bubble mat so it’s comfortable under foot.

Also there’s the Hawaii HydroJet Pro hot tub which has a distinct feature compared to the other hot tubs which is that it is square whereas all the other hot tubs are a round, circular shape. This hot tub has 120 air jets compared to the standard 80, and has 8 HydroJet’s. To improve its quality it has a ClearSoft water treatment system and a time controlled heating system.

All of these have different features which allow you to compare which is best for you.
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An Environmentally friendly way to heat your home

One of the most upcoming and effective ways to heat your home is to get an underfloor heating system. These are more cost effective than hot-air heating systems and your traditional radiators. They have a range of benefits, like underfloor heating systems spread heat faster and more effectively than radiators do. As, radiators have to spread heat in all directions, whereas an underfloor heating system just has to make the heat rise upwards to heat up a room. An underfloor heating system will give you a feeling of quality and luxury. As well as the fact that there will be more space available in rooms, because there will no longer be any need for the radiators.

SoleHeat are a company who make underfloor heating kits in a range of sizes, with a wide range of prices. They do single zone kits which would be for smaller rooms like an office or even a bathroom. Then they do multi zone kits which are meant for larger complexes, like a few rooms in a property. There’s the premium* which is the same as a multi zone kit, but also includes Electrothermic actuators and Heatmiser wiring centres.


underfloor heating suppliers

The perfect place for an underfloor heating system would be in your kitchen or conservatory. So, you can feel the fantastic effects of the system in a morning. This kit will help stop you from dealing with cold floors or remembering your slippers on (if you have any). These kits’s can even save you £20 a month, if in full use during winter months.

If you feel like the prices are wrong, you can check the price match guarantee, to ensure you get the best price on your order. They sell great quality products, cheaper than anyone else, if on a like to like basis. The kits are a quick way for customers to purchase all of the items they need with special discounts and without having to add extra items to their order. Also, these kits can be installed by anyone who’s in home DIY and plumbing.

One of the kits they do would be the single zone kit. This kit comes in a range of sizes from 10sqm going up in two’s till it reaches 18sqm. The prices of these kits vary between £339.99 and £379.99 depending on the sqm. For example, the 14sqm kit costs £354.99. These are the kits meant for smaller areas when it comes to heating.

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Arrangements in your home those support the energy efficient arrangements the best way

holiday-house-177401_1920Being grateful about the earth and its emergency, you would always love to prepare a home that can be both energy and finance saving. In fact, in coming days this is something going to be mandatory for everyone here. It’s a fact at the same time that building such a home keeping both the economy and environment actors in check is a tricky affair. However, the following points given below can be certainly helpful for you in many ways.

Keep the positions of doors and window right:

This is something crucial as most people don’t become able in finding the right places despite wishing for it. They place the windows or doors in a way so that the airs pass in a single direction; it doesn’t circulate throughout. Naturally, it affects the overall temperature of your home. Again, you have to expense more to make it energy saving.

Kitchen and bathroom exhausts:

It’s not only the doors or the windows, but each channel in your home also needs to be properly fitted to take the full out of the energy efficient arrangements. The bathroom and kitchen exhausts need to be installed at the right place and direction for the proper maintenance of the temperature.

Go for the tanks of best quality:

Waters overflowing from the reservoir tank is never a rare scenario. Be it happening mistakenly or due to carelessness, but the outcome is certainly not something desirable. The above cases are always within your hand. However, in many cases, people use low-quality materials for the tanks or reservoirs those cause immature pores. At the same time putting more efforts on your motors these effects make the energy saving arrangements work harder as well. Hence, it is always recommended to go with the products of best quality.

The most upgraded waste discharge arrangement:

Bathrooms discharge a lot of unnecessary water. However, it creates a problem for your energy saving arrangements when the discharge patterns have to channel other wastes out in concurrence with passing the watery wastes as well. Similar is the case with the toilets as well where all forms of wastes pass through a single path. Naturally it becomes harder for the whole arrangement to be made environment-friendly. You look for the extra options for separating both kinds of wastes; still the outcome doesn’t become accomplishing.

Opt for the biodegradable materials:

There is no better option available than making things recyclable to offer a better environment around. It is both cost-effective and environment-friendly supporting your environment-friendly arrangements the best.  The following tips given below in this regard can be most useful.

  • Go with only the recyclable material quality for any purpose in your home.
  • Use more the organic elements than the plastics for a better outcome.
  • Consider the sloped tops than the flat tops as in the former case you can maximise the usage of recyclable materials.
  • Maximise the usage of woods, especially on the roofs.
  • Consider the higher usage of the composites for your roof top gardening.